chatr FAQs

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1. What's Message Relay Service?
  • Message Relay Service (MRS) allows a customer who has a hearing or speech disability to make and receive calls via TTY or over the Internet.

    In a TTY Relay call, a relay operator sends messages to your chatr phone via TTY-based text conversations.

    In an IP Relay call, the relay operator sends messages online via a web page or an instant messaging application. chatr mobile currently supports message relay via a web page.

2. How do I access Message Relay Services?
From a mobile Device
  • To access MRS via TTY from a mobile device please call *7-1-1

From a Webpage
  • To access MRS via IP Relay online please register to obtain your username and password
  • Already registered? Please login here

NOTE:Your IP Relay username and password are separate from your My chatr account details. If you wish to log in to My chatr account, please login here.